The Mother Board

We believe authenticity is the key to marketing to moms, and that starts with getting authentic insights from Mom herself. That’s why we created The Mother Board. 

It’s our in-depth, proprietary research approach that helps brands get a more nuanced portrait of Mom. We then use this to inform more resonant creative and ultimately boost ROI. Our goal is not only to give you the data, but to provide objective, game-changing insight analysis so you can effectively build your brand with this important target market. 

The result? Better marketing that speaks authentically, resonates and builds strong brand loyalty with moms. 

The Mother Board includes more than 700 moms, including diverse subgroups like single moms, moms of color, LGBTQIA moms, first-time moms and more. This pre-screened panel is available to turn around responses in as little as 48 hours. 

Engagement with The Mother Board can include:

• Online polls 

• In-depth quantitative surveys that measure pre/post brand awareness 

• Brand equity measurements and propensity for product trial 

• Qualitative strategic or creative testing

We look for the "why" behind the statistics, with quotes, insights and videos from real moms across the country.

We asked The Mother Board what mom stereotypes they hate to see in advertising? Here's what a few of the moms had to say:

JCID Questions_2-100[1].jpg

Reporting and analysis is also customized to deliver what you need to motivate and engage your stakeholders, including:

• Custom-made video 

• Formally designed presentations 

• Creative briefs 

• Infographics document for easy viewing and adoption within your organization


Sometimes you need a deeper dive to uncover the underlying reasons, opinions and motivations that inform how moms interact with your brand on a daily basis. Through in-depth ethnography videos featuring hand-selected moms, we capture their rich, unfiltered experiences and serve this content up to you in a customized docuseries of 5–15 minutes. The combination of insights and production value make this docuseries a tool to creatively inform and engage every part of your company, from the boardroom to the sales team.  

To find out how The Mother Board can help you reach your mom target, get in touch!